Sisters of St. Joseph

I have been travelling for work and have had the privilege of connecting with some religious communities in various places. We talk about many things, the life of the community, our own stories, hopes, dreams and challenges.

And often, the conversation rolls around to how many ‘younger’ sisters we have in community. These conversations give me the opportunity to share the story of Sister 2.0 and of Giving Voice, and to share my hopes and dreams for religious life. We have an opportunity to re-invent the life, not in terms of hundreds of thousands of sisters that graced the 20th century, but in terms of the small communities of sisters set on fire to incarnate the life and mission of Jesus in our particular time and place. We do this not by rolling up our sleeves and building great institutions, but by joining with others to address the pressing needs of today and adding our unique contribution.

We are also at an important crossroads in our own community as we are re-imagining vocation and formation work. I am hoping that our new team can share our hopes and dreams as we continue this new blog.

I thank God for this time of transition and shifting consciousness.


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