Pentecost – Spirit Filled Lives

We celebrate Pentecost each year as an invitation to all of us to lead spirit-filled lives.

This season is particularly important for those in vocational discernment. First of all, openness to the movements of God in our lives is central to the process. We pray for an outpouring of the Spirit of wisdom, understanding and courage. God created us in a loving design and wishes for us to be happy, holy and fulfilled. Religious life is one of the places to reach this goal, though there are other wonderful vocational choices in life.

Another reason why Pentecost is important in vocation discernment is that it comes at a time when many young people are coming to the end of the academic year, and some are graduating. Often this comes with the question: what next? Some will go to another level of school, some to a job, some to a volunteer year…. and some will look more seriously at religious life. I myself discerned my religious vocation at the end of college. It has been a wonderful, challenging and grace-filled path for me.

So blessings on all those seeking God and discerning their vocation in this season of Pentecost.