Two Poems

Today I would like to share two poems with you. One is more reflective. I was  moved one day to write it as I reflected on Community and what it means to me. The other is a fun one about an interest of mine which I am passionate about: Southeastern Conference (college) Football! I wrote it in 2008, and had to update it in 2014 when U. of Missouri and Texas A&M U. joined the conference. Hope you enjoy them! ~Sister Clare


“Celebrating the Treasure” by Mary Southard, CSJ

When you give your Heart Away

It never goes quite as planned.

All of a sudden, one day you realize

You are changed forever.

That a piece of your heart

Has been given away.

But really it was an exchange.

In the sharing of daily life

It happened slowly over time.

As you were sharing stories,

Laughing, praying, cooking,

And doing all those things

That are necessary.

It happened.

Your heart was ripe for sharing

The entire time.

It finally met a match.



Ode to thesec-logo

When the “Famous Maroon” Band begins to play “Hail State”
We seem to know our fate,

It’s that season of the year
When it’s time to cheer
Because SEC Football is here!

Whether you like to hear “Mike the Tiger” Roar
See the Vandy Commodores score
Or watch the Crimson Tide come ashore

It’s time to Cheer
SEC Football is here!

It is fun to go “Hog” Wild
And behold “Hotty Toddy” chanted by every person & child
Our screams of “MIZ-ZOU” or “Gig ‘Em Aggies” are all but mild

It’s time to Cheer
SEC Football is here!

If you like to sing “Rocky Top”
Do the “Gator Chop”
Or preview the newest Kentucky crop

It’s time to cheer
SEC football is here!

If the War Eagle flight gives you a thrill
The call of “Cocky” produces a chill
Or a barking “Uga” creates more power for your will

It’s time to Cheer
SEC football is here!

No matter what team makes you stand proud and tall
I assure you this: Nothing is better in the Fall
Than watching SEC Football!


6 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. Linda Markway, CSJ says:

    Clare…I enjoyed both poems. You are so on target with your poem When You Give Your Heart Away. It is exactly what this live is about for each of us to be healthy and happy. Would you be okay if I sent the one to my brother Allen?


  2. Helene says:

    Great job, girl! Leaving one’s heart open is always risky, but often rewarding. You should get a sporting award. You’re one of the most faithful I know!


  3. Mary Ann Hilgeman says:

    “When You Give Your Heart Away” is such a beautiful poem that captures CSJ-ness SO WELL. and the football one is so typical of the fan for any team. Thanks so much!
    Lovingly, Mary Ann Hilgeman


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