Easter Changes Everything

Easter Changes Everything

Christ is Risen! The Chapel at Nazareth Living Center on Easter Sunday 2017.

Today as I celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ I am thinking about how it changed the world for the better. A major change in understanding occurred on the role of Jesus and why he came. He was no longer just seen as another major prophet, but for believers became the Savior they had been waiting on. It gave us a new outlook on death too, as 1 Corinthians 15:55 states “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

As I look at the state of affairs around the world today it is easy to be discouraged and even worse if I only focused on all of the bad happening it could lead to becoming so desperate that I lose hope. However the Resurrection changed everything. Jesus gave us that eternal hope that can only come from God. Jesus was and is with us in our suffering. He did not ever say there will be no more suffering on earth. If we believe in the Resurrection, which I do, and if we have a personal relationship with God, which I also personally do, then I place my trust in the fact that God is with me through it all. God is with me when I feel defeated or too when I feel ecstatic and am experiencing that ‘winning at life’ feeling. Jesus knows what we are going through because he went through all of it when he was alive for some thirty-three years. What he also knows is a little beyond our complete understanding, which is what it is like after life on Earth. He also knew what it is to be completely one with God. Even if we do not fully understand it we can still learn a lot from Jesus about how to live. His life lessons are paramount to all believers.

How does Easter affect my discernment and finding my vocation? First off it lets me know that I am a beloved of God and Jesus. God does not want me or any of us to be miserable in our life callings.  The Resurrection lets me know that I am worthy of love and mercy and that I am forgiven. This understanding leads to self-confidence and helps me realize who I am and whose I am. Jesus modeled how to live life to the fullest and how to have a strong relationship with God. In my personal relationship with God I seek and am able to listen to where I am being called. I trust God with all of my heart. I listen deeply. I eventually am able to let go of what I need to. I am able to recognize that each vocation lifestyle has a profound value.  I am then able to move forward in discernment and let my heart be moved in love. There is an inner peace and knowing that comes about and you just know the next step you need to make.  Listen to God and your heart and everything else will fall into place.

May the Joy and Love of Easter fill your heart! Blessings on the journey fellow Pilgrim!

~Sister Clare Bass