“The More”

The Sisters of St. Joseph claim Ignatian roots.  St. Ignatius was the founder of the Jesuits.  Thus, the Sisters of St. Joseph share many connections with the Jesuit spirituality, one of which is the idea of Magis, or “The More.”  But, what does “The More” really mean?

When I consider my myriad roles as principal, vocation minister, discernment house coordinator, Giving Voice leadership team member (the list could go on and on), most days I can’t possibly think of anything more.  Thankfully, this idea of Magis or The More, is not about doing more.

Interpretations vary, but the idea of Magis is related to discernment.  When we are discerning between two or more good things, all else being equal, we are to choose the option, at the service of faith, that will have the wider impact.  In a sense, we must work smarter, not harder.  The More calls us to deep contemplation, to a quality of work and relationship that brings people to our personal, incarnate God.  It calls us to look beyond the immediate need to what will have long-lasting, universal impact.

Saying for sure, “This choice is the More,” is impossible; we can make discern decisions based only on the light we have at the time.  Thankfully, Ignatius and many other wise and faithful followers have given us many tools that make the light a little brighter.

Blessings on whatever discernment you may be about in service of our God for the universal good.

–S. Sarah


Geger, Fr. Barton T., S.J.  What Magis Really Means.  Xavier University.  http://www.xavier.edu/jesuitresource/news-events/documents/WhatMagisReallyMeansPublishedCopy.pdf

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