We Are One

As Sisters of St. Joseph with a charism of unifying love, the idea that all things are connected resonates.  And I love when science backs spiritual, theological concepts.  For example, the law of conservation of mass-energy tells us that the total amount of mass and energy in the universe in constant.  I am made up of the same stuff as trees and flowers and birds and this stuff has been around since the beginning.  And when I die, the physical stuff of which I am made will be used to make something new.  Death into new life.

And this idea of oneness goes a step farther.  My physical being, physically affects those around me.  On some level, we have probably all experienced this.  If I’m surrounded by people who are always tired and complaining, it won’t take long for me to be tired and complaining.  As principal, I know that the energy and enthusiasm I exude will impact the teachers and, thus, the students.  How does that work?

This summer, I was learning a bit more about trauma and neuroscience when I watched this TED Talk/Youtube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0pwKzTRG5E

Amazing, right?!

So, in this time of societal and world trauma, when things can sometimes seem hopeless and I wonder what difference I make, I remember that I do, very literally, make a difference every day, and I work to make it a positive one.

–S. Sarah

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