Convent Camino

The Camino de Santiago, or just the Camino is a network of pilgrimage pathways leading the shrine of the apostle Saint James of Campostelo on the west coast of Spain. Since the middle ages, pilgrims have followed this path as a form of pilgrimage, penance or retreat. Today, there is renewed interest in the Camino as walkers travel from around the globe to take part in this ancient spiritual practice.
I have long wished to make the Camino, but have never had the opportunity. However, walking is one of my spiritual practices. I just walk and walk and walk – especially on retreat. There is not purpose or direction in particular. But it is a time to be free of the bounds of life and of ministry and to be emersed in God and in creation. I love the image of Camino as a time and space of openness to God, of discernment, and of spiritual clarity.
The Sisters in St. Louis are inviting women to join us for a Convent Camino. Based on the ancient spiritual practice, our Camino will bring us to several convents to enable participants to deepen their discernment of religious life. We will travel to three different locations for prayer, conversation and community sharing. Sisters from several more communities will also be present to help organize and present the various parts of the retreat. Women who join us will have the opportunity to come together with Sisters and with other discerners.
If you’re interested, or know someone who is, here is the link: