Advent Discernment

Related imageWe are well in to our Advent journey, and it a great space for discernment. I would like to suggest four themes that guide me on my discernment journey.
Darkness – In our discernment, we may be in a whirl of confusion and feel like we’re in darkness. In Advent we sit with those raw feelings and emotions because discernment begins with observation.
Annunciation – God brings a light into the world through the Annunication. Mary’s yes comes in a place of freedom, hope, and not clinging. May we find this in our lives.
Preparation – People had to discern John the Baptist’s message. Was he the messiah? Discernment includes many signs, consolation and desolation, and movements from the spirits that prepare the way to a choice.
Nativity – God’s incarnation makes sacred our very decisions and even the process of discernment. Every discernment becomes an incarnation, a little Christmas through which God enters the world.
Blessings on your Advent journey and on your discernment.
Sr. Amy

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