Coming to Know Who God Made Me to Be

In the book In Our Own Words, Desire Findlay reminds us that taking on community values is only part of formation. The other part is becoming one’s self within the community. Knowing how to be ourselves as a sister, as a Franciscan, as a member of this community or province. We let go of parts of ourselves and discover other parts. It is not okay to become someone else. God created us to be who we are. Our journey into community, and in formation, is to discern whether being a part of this community is who God created us to be, does it allow us to flourish, to set down roots, to grow and blossom and bear fruit. And how does being in community facilitate our growth into our truest selves, our truest image of the God of Love? This is the journey of formation, a life-long journey of giving and receiving.

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