#cssjfuture – CSSJ – Into the Future


CSSJ – Into the Future is a collaborative of Sisters of St Joseph who were born in or after 1952, vowed members of the CSSJ congregations in the United States and Canada. We will gather from across the US this August in Kansas City.

We have been gathering in various configurations for a number of years. Back in the 1990s, many newer sisters felt the need to gather, to build relationships, to support one another and to support one another in religious life and mission. These circles of collaboration are a distinct facet of religious life today that has emerged in recent decades. These circles of collaboration provide spaces for the newer generations of sisters to build support networks, engage in joint projects and nurture emerging energies. Alongside the leadership conferences, vocation, and formation conferences, there are networks that the newer generations of religious have established.

In August, we will gather with other Sisters of St. Joseph. We also gather with sisters from other communities to celebrate and to nurture the great hope that we share amid all the challenges we face as communities, as a church community, and in the wider society.