Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy

Peace Hope Love Joy: Christmas Spirit Card

During Advent, many families around the world have an Advent Wreath in their homes.  The Advent Wreath represents the four weeks preceding Christmas.  Each week one of the candles is lit until the fourth. The four candles of the Advent Wreath are said to symbolize the four virtues of hope, love, joy, and peace.  An Advent practice could be a person taking time to reflect how they will demonstrate the specific week’s virtue so as to serve a world in need.  Here are a few examples:

Hope – visit a nursing home, participate in a project for the homeless

Love – send a note to a family member or friend that is struggling,

Joy – volunteer to assist at a shelter, donate to charities providing toys for the little ones

Peace – create a peace pause moment in your daily routines, decide to be a peaceful presence

Advent Journey

The vocation journey is an advent journey.

A journey through the darkness.

A journey of hope.

A journey with Christ, into Christ.

The vocation journey is a journey into the fullness.

Advent is the season of graced expectation, the season of waiting. Our experiences of waiting range from the mind-numbing wait in traffic to the excited expectation of a relative or friend, coming through the arrival doors at an airport.

Sometimes the wait is experienced as deadening, as a waste of time and energy, mere frustration. Sometimes the wait is experienced as anticipation, a kind of foretaste, almost a part of the actual joy of encounter. These are two very different experiences of waiting!

Advent is a period of graced expectation. The liturgy of Advent is full of promise.

‘Advent is your season!’ Advent liturgies, advent prophesies and haunting advent hymns are speaking about the necessary, graced wait, by means of which God prepares us for a wonderful gift! Live this time of waiting with expectation, with joy, and with trust.