Live the CSJ Life

What does “Live the CSJ Life” mean?  Living the CSJ Life means a variety of different things depending who you ask.  However, everything comes back to the core values of Community, Spirituality, and Justice.

The CSJs try to live life with deep, meaningful connections to God, every person we meet, and all of creation.  We strive to be authentic in everything we do and dedicate ourselves to those in this world who either can not stand up for themselves or do not have the resources to live healthy, happy lives.  This, of course, includes all of those marginalized in society: LGBT persons, immigrants, women’s and civil rights, just to name a few.

Each Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet has an individual, valuable story of mission work, educating in schools across the country and world, or generally being present and resistant to the injustices of the world.  This group of women has been present at historic events from the march in Selma in 1965 and the events in Ferguson in 2014.

Traveling far and wide from China, Japan, or Uganda, educating and helping anyone with a desire to learn, writing books, continuing their own passion for education and knowledge, and trying their best to live meaningful, good lives are just some of the experiences of our sisters.

Learn more about “Living the CSJ Life” by reading statements from a few of our sisters about Community, Spirituality, and Justice.