Community: How We Live


By Sister Amy Hereford

Welcome to the Community of the Great Love of God.

We recently had a seeker spend time with us over a weekend. Having experienced discernment weekends before, she noted that she appreciated getting to know us as “real people,” getting a sense of how we live our day-to-day lives.

That is the mission of our site and our community – to build loving relationships with ourselves, with God, within community, Church, society and all Creation.

Religious form a community that is supportive of the commitment that they have made, particularly to a life of prayer, to gospel living, to ministry and to justice. Traditionally, the local house of religious has been seen as a witness to and support of the vows of poverty and chastity. Religious live simply and joyfully in mutual support.

Discussions of community in religious life often raise questions of finding appropriate communities for newer members, varying expectations of sisters and of brothers regarding community, and the balance between the values of community, and the call to live and/or do ministry at a distance from others in the congregation.

Join us on the journey to build our community whether online, in person or in spirit.