Sister Sarah Heger

Reception Year: 2006

From: Pacific, Missouri

Current Ministry: Principal at Marian Middle School

Sister Sarah knows the benefit of having a big family as she is the oldest of 7 siblings.  Now as a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, she has an even bigger family of sisters!  At the age of 23, Sarah joined the CSJs, confident in her decision the same day.  She described the experience as “Christmas Eve.”  She explained, “I couldn’t sleep just waiting to see what gifts the next day would bring.  The decision brought a peace and joy that never went away.”  She receives those gifts from God on a daily basis as she lives out her ministry in her community.  At the same time, Sarah received her degree in special education from Fontbonne University in 2004.  She used her degree and skills in the best way she knew how by serving various communities.  She currently serves as the principal at Marian Middle School, an all-girls middle school in St. Louis.  Sister Sarah taught at Marian Middle School for 5 years before becoming principal.  In her free time, Sister Sarah enjoys being outside playing volleyball or running.  She also enjoys reading, quilting, writing poetry, and doing anything crafty.

Sister Sarah offered her advice to women considering religious life.  “If you are not sure if religious life is right for you or not, try it out!  Live with some sisters.  Pray together, eat together, see what it is like firsthand.  It’s not a commitment, it’s just an opportunity.”  She also urges that religious life isn’t about changing who you are.  Becoming a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet is ­enhancing who you are.  She also encourages women saying that being a sister is becoming a part of something bigger than yourself.  At the end of the day,