My Deepest Truth

There is a quote that is making its round on the internet these days:

Vocation means fulfilling the original self-hood given me at birth by God
Thomas Merton

So true! Vocation can seem to be a new path and a grand adventure. Yet at the same time, it is a matter of discovering my own deepest truth, it is discovering a new and delightful aspect of what God has made me to be. And this never grows old. It is sometime that I can marvel at today, after decades in religious life, just like I could marvel at it in the heady wonder when I first sensed the call. Again today, I whisper: “Amen!”


One thought on “My Deepest Truth

  1. Geoffrey Nicoletti says:

    I teach students to reflect on three people they admire (male or female); those three people resonate with you because they are mirroring YOUR vocation. And then I tell my students imagine no homework, no friends around—absolute free time—what do you consistently drift towards doing. Another sign of vocation.


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